How Witchcraft Spells Work

How Witchcraft Spells Work

Witchcraft and magic have been associated with each other from time immemorial. Some people are ill informed about the science and art of magic, believing it to be some sort of demonic rituals and satan worship. However, magic is pure and most practitioners of witchcraft will only practice it for the purpose of spread goodwill, peace, and harmony. Benevolent magic is practiced by different faiths including Wicca who are well versed with the basic tenets of witchcraft. Primarily, a spell is an act of powerful and focused wishes that are emotional and mental energies that can be combined with chanting and rituals to achieve a positive goal.

Witchcraft Spells

Witchcraft spells involve intense concentration over your thoughts, emotions, and most importantly, your intentions, so that they can be channeled in the right direction and bring health, happiness, and a useful change in your life. Modern day witches like the Wiccans take on a huge responsibility when casting a spell. It takes a lot of constant meditation and practice for witchcraft spells to work. Therefore, any novice needs guidance in performing rituals by a experienced practitioner of witchcraft.

Spell Casting and Magic

One of the major elements in witchcraft spells is the drawing of a circle. This circle is a sacred space where any unwanted elements and negative energies cannot permeate. It signifies an exclusive energy field that needs to be purified by sweeping and burning incense, which is an important ritual in most witchcraft spells. It is prudent to opt for simpler spells as a novice. These skills take time to master, but you must never seek results beyond your capacity, otherwise you will be in for a disappointment. Even if you fail a couple of times, make a concerted effort to keep trying. You will soon start to feel its power growing within your subconscious.

The Power in Witchcraft Spells

The power in witchcraft spells comes from within, and it transferred to the natural elements. The reason you cast a spell is to bring about a positive change in your life and someone else’s, which is the driving force behind the effectiveness of a spell. The more spells you perform, the better you will get at building up your internal energies. Once you learn the process, you begin to tune into the spell and will soon experience positive results, which is why you will always play the most important part in a spell.

Making Witchcraft Spells work

Witchcraft spells are more effective when cast on specific days of the week. The days do not matter in Obeah, but traditional witchcraft spells should always be cast on specific days. For healing and peace Sunday is considered the best day. Therefore, you will find most spells for cleansing and protection cast on Sundays. Tuesday is considered a day of passion and strength, making it the perfect day to cast love spells. Wednesdays are for attracting specific types of lovers. The important thing is to build up power in your spells by believing in them and projecting a positive outcome. Incense, candles, herbs, and crystals are tools that help create the right conditions for spell casting. As long as you understand that all things in the universe are connected and you are one with the universe, manipulating these energies in the right direction will soon become easy to achieve.

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