How Spells Work

How Spells Work

Like much of true Obeah Rites and Rituals, what really goes into an Obeah Love Spell is shrouded in secrecy. Also Obeah Love Spells are probably the most personal and most individual of all Obeah spells, that is part of what makes them so powerful. So the ingredients that go into a specific Obeah Love Spell for one person may not be the same for another.

Also Obeah Love Spells take on various forms. The spell for finding a soul mate and a long term committed relationship would differ from the person who wants a spell to bring back a lover who has gone astray. Obeah love spells work because love is the purest and most sacred force in the Universe, and Obeah is the purest and most sacred form of Magic.

Much of the power of Obeah comes from invoking the powers of the Deities and the spirits of the dead. Specifically Obeah reveres and calls upon the spirits of dead ancestors. In an Obeah love spell not only are the deities of love and matters of the heart invoked, but the Obeah Man will use powerful rites and rituals to contact your own spiritual ancestors, either the recently departed, or more remote, that have loved and cared for you in the past. By tapping into this love for you of your ancestors and deceased relatives, the Obeah man uses these sprits to help you find love here and now in the present material world.

Love itself has been referred to for generations as that “Old Black Magic”. Pop culture references in song especially, abound with references to falling under a man or woman’s “spell”, or equating love to “witchcraft” or “voodoo”. And that may not be too far from the truth. Who amongst us has not at one time or another felt “bewitched “ or “charmed” by a lover or potential lover? Perhaps they were operating with the power of an Obeah Love Spell behind them?

The fact is that Love is one of the fundamental powers of the Universe, and the Obeah Man knows how to tap into and manipulate those powers. An engineer or physicist who understands the fundamental powers of a magnet can use its powers of attraction to run motors, generate electricity, or levitate trains. And these forces of nature, such as magnetism and gravity, are insignificant compared to the metaphysical energies that the Obeah Man has at his command.

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