Moon Magic Spells

Moon Magic Spells

The moon has always been used by man as a way to get in tune with the natural rhythms of earth.  The moon has an effect on everything depending on its phases like making the tides rise and recede.  In the magical realm, the powers of the moon are used for magic rituals, growing crops, health and basically, for living.  This is called moon magic.  This kind of magic is an important part in the witchcraft religion of Wicca.

Using the Moon Phases in Rituals

In working their rituals, every phase of the moon in moon magic can bring about a physical and psychological transformation for witches.  Spells are cast according to cycles in moon magic and the moon is a source of inspiration for spell casters.  The moon gives out a certain energy to witches depending on how full it is.  The highest energy is during these times and it is mostly why most magic ceremonies occur during the full moon.  The moon never ceases to wax and wane and it travels in different astrological signs.  When it is within the various signs, the sign does have a power on the magical side of the moon.  The moon phases that affects moon magic are waxing also known as Maiden, full also known as the Mother and waning also known as the Crone.  These are all seen as faces of the Goddess.  Moon magic also involves the new moon and dark moon.

The Powers of the New Moon

With regard to moon magic spells, the new moon is a good time for spells relating to starting something, like new projects or a business.  It increases abundance and healing.  It is also good to use for job hunting.  Time is critical in this form of magic.  Moon magic spells for the new moon can be done from the day of the new moon to three and a half days after.

The Powers of the Dark Moon

The dark moon goes from ten to fourteen days after the full moon and it is time for exploring dark emotions like anger.  The dark moon is also the bearer of justice.  Energies can be unpredictable during these phases so spell casting mostly makes use of the other phases of the moon.

The Powers of the Full Moon

The full moon is a good time for moon magic spells like healing, protecting and completing projects.  It can also be for fortunetelling and divination.  If a boost of power is needed in certain spells, like healing serious conditions, the full moon can be a perfect time for spell.  It also covers spells for money and legal undertakings.  The time span for full moon magic spells is a bit longer and takes fourteen to seventeen days after the new moon.

The Waning Moon Phase

The waning moon covers three and a half to ten and a half days after the full moon and it can be used for casting cleansing and banishing spells like that for illness, negativity or taking away addictions.

The Waxing Moon Phase

The waxing moon is seven to fourteen days after the new moon and is conducive for spells for wealth, friendship, luck, courage, health and moon magic love spells.

Moon magic spells like all other spells can be used for love.  There are a number of moon magic love spells to be performed.  Moon magic love spells are very effective and powerful but they do take time to cast since it does depend on the cycles of the moon.  Therefore, patience is needed in casting moon magic love spells.  The waxing moon and the full moon are the best phases for moon magic love spells.  Pertaining to the stages of love, the full moon is for finding and drawing new loves while the waxing moon is for strengthening existing relationships.

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