Understanding Egyptian Magic

Understanding Egyptian Magic

Egyptian magic love spells are the oldest love spells ever practiced. It is said that the magic is older than the gods themselves, and that it was in Egypt where the rituals and spells were put into a single tradition of magic. It is also in this sense that the Egyptian magic became a foundation of most European schools of magic. Like all spells, the love spell is one of the most important spell in the Egyptian Witchcraft.

The Rules of Egyptian Magic

There are Rules that the Egyptian magic and they comply with the laws of magic. However, they have rules that only apply to the Egyptian magic alone. For them, there is no delineation between white and black magic. They consider magic as a single phenomenon. The difference of good from evil magic lies in the hands of the spell caster. If the spell is cast with a sinister intention then it becomes evil. But if the spell is for the greater good then it is a good magic. This status on how one casts a spell is still realized even today. Therefore if one uses magic for evil ways then the spell caster suffers severely in life. In the Egyptian magic, there is no distinction between priests, magicians, and scientists. All those who practice this type of magic are in one way or the other have the same functions. And they call upon the same Egyptian gods, Horus and Isis.

Preparations for Egyptian Magic Spells

Some forms of magic do not need too much preparation. That is the contrary to the Egyptian magic spells where they require a lot of preparation and elements. More important to them are the material components. Magic, especially love spells, will not work unless the elements are complete regardless if these materials are easy or hard to find. However as the year’s progressed, the elements that were used seem easier and less complicated to locate. Moreover, the Egyptian spells revolve around magic spells and amulets. It is deemed that writing and reading incantations strengthens the spell and thus making it more effective. For the Egyptian love spell, amulets are the sources of the magic. The spells focus more on rekindling lost and forgotten love and encouraging intimacy among partners. It does not influence free will and it does not change ones personality to fit another. The spell touches some feelings that will lead to an appreciation and liking for another person. It also brings forth qualities that makes one attractive to the other; qualities that allows love to flourish between each other. It eliminates road blocks and problems that cause hindrance to true love and a happy relationship.

The Effectiveness of Egyptian Magic Spells

There are still love spells that are hidden and unknown to the present world. These are known to be the most powerful of all Egyptian love spells. Nevertheless, Egyptian magic is powerful up to this day. There may be changes that transpired over the centuries but its effectiveness remain and surely one will see results after the spell is cast. Like all magic, one needs to be careful about what to wish for and what benefits it will provide. The Egyptian magic follows the rules on magic that no one should be harmed and experience a life-time of negativity. It is always better when magic is used for good than evil because it also protects the spell caster from retribution. The Egyptian magic is one of the most revered styles of all time because of its power and effectiveness especially on matters of love and life.

“It’s still the same old story, the fight for love and glory.  The world depends on lovers as time goes by.”

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