Wicca Spells

Wicca Spells

Wicca, an old English term for Witch, is a form of religion influenced by the pre-Christian beliefs and practices that affirms the existence supernatural magic. Moreover, it is centered on the love of nature and its elements such as earth, air, fire, water, moon, sun, and the stars. It does not worship these elements rather it shows great love for them. Wicca also practices the fundamental tenet referred to as the Wiccan Rede that states, “As it harm none, do as thou wilt.” This simply means that you are free to do anything provided that these actions do not cause any harm or ill to nature, and others including your own.

Wiccan Spells

The use of Wiccan magic is to use spells that harness the power of the God or Goddess that the Wiccan worships in order to initiate a positive change and to solve their problem.  The waning of the moon is the time that the Wiccan practices their spells. This is the time when it is dark and the new moon is about to vanish. Effective magical spells during this time are those that involve banishment of negative energies, wishes to ward off illness or injury, and agricultural rites that are to used ward off destructive insects.

Altogether, Wicca encourages harmony, peace, and overall balance of thoughts and way of living in co-existence and respect to others that exist. It is a bond created for the spiritual world and the natural power of nature. It is also the merging of Gods and Goddesses, the universal energies which create all in harmonious existence.

Wicca spells also have its unique love spell. It is believed to be a powerful spell since followers of Wicca consider it as more than a mere ritual. After the spell has cast, the subject needs to follow four rules that he or she must never break. They are the secrets of the Wicca spell and the ones that make the spell so powerful.

Embrace the love as a possibility

A person who deals with the Wicca love spell must entertain and acknowledge all signs of love. The subject if uncooperative to the manifestations of such signs will not get the effect of the spell.

Accept the love if it comes

The love that will transpire after the spell should be accepted wholeheartedly. Sometimes, people shy away from the love when it finally appears. When that happens, the spell in itself becomes useless and if in the future love is harder to find you only have yourself to blame.

Accept the loved person “as it is”

The good thing about a Wicca love spell is that it is not conjured to change someone’s personality to fit your own. What it will bring forth is mutual love and respect. If one is trying to change a person according to his or her own standards then the main idea of true love is lost and eventually the spell will not last for long.

The High Priests and High Priestesses are responsible for casting the most powerful Wicca love spell especially during the coven’s Esbats and Sabbats. The spells which you can conjure by yourself may also have effects but they are not as powerful as those casted by the priests. Nevertheless, the Wicca love spell is one effective way to bring love into your life; to establish a harmonious relationship not just with another person but with all things living in this earth. You learn to care for nature and treat them with importance and reverence. To this day, Wicca spells are considered as one of the most powerful spells in the world of spell casting.

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