The Power of Santeria Love Spells

The Power of Santeria Love Spells

Santeria love spells are along with Obeah Love Spells some of the most sought after spells in existence. This is because the results are typically so dramatic that once a person has experienced the power of a Santeria love spell, they will not need any other kind. The potency of the spell’s power is granted by Oshun, the Orisha of love, beauty, fertility and sensuality. With all of these methods at their disposal, the beneficiary of a Santeria love spell is more than prepared to capture the heart of the one that he or she most desires.

The Santeria love spell, like all Santeria Magic invocations, start with the invocation to Elegba. This Orisha is the guardian to all pathways and doorways, and without Elegba’s assistance, the door to your potential lover’s heart may be forever blocked. Elegba’s blessing will open the path to your relationship, the doorway to your potential love match. Once the Ebo, or sacrifice to Elegba has been made, and the rites performed, the Santeria priest or priestess may move on to the next invocation.

Depending upon the nature of the spell being cast, there may be other Orishas besides Oshun who are called to lend their strength to the spell. One possible option is Chango, the Orisha that rules over daily struggles as well as storms, lightning and thunder. This Orisha is also well known for his many lovers. Potency, virility and other masculine aspects are sometimes attributed to him, and those who do not have a particular person they wish the spell to fall upon may benefit from this Orisha’s ability to attract many members of the opposite sex.

Santeria love spells are complex and time-consuming – the incredible power of these spells is not simple to obtain or wield. There are many components to the Ebo, and there are several songs, offerings, blessings, chants and rites that must be performed in order to earn the favor of the Orishas. However, once the spell is complete and has been cast, the benefits are nothing short of amazing.

Those who are under the effects of a Santeria love spell typically show dramatic changes in attitude and demeanor. If the object of a person’s affections was once aloof and distant, he or she may now seem warmer, more social and agreeable to talk. Those who were disdainful become friendly, and those who once went unnoticed will often find themselves the center of attention.

Because of the dramatic changes brought about by a Santeria, there is little doubt that these types of spells are in high demand by those who are well-informed and seeking only the most reliable and potent sources of magical power. Santeria spells work within a given time frame, so that the person who is having the spell cast knows exactly when they should approach their potential love match.

People who have been blessed through a Santeria spell can often feel the changes in themselves as well. They are more confident as the powerful magic works its benefit for them. No longer shy and uncertain, they are able to more easily speak with those they desire and gain their favor and affections. Moments that seemed awkward and embarrassing become instead opportunities for intimate conversation and romance.

It is the culmination of the Santeria love spell that brings all of these aspects together. A more confident beneficiary, a potential mate that is now more receptive and open to partnership. It becomes a true love match with the potential to last for many years, all due to the intervention of the Orishas. People who have used Santeria love spells to garner the affection of another often go on to lead full and happy lives with the person of their dreams.

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