Introduction to Black Magic

Introduction to Black Magic

Of spells to use, Black Magic is considered to be one of the most powerful.  It is known to be the spell of truth that can make people admit to the feelings of jealousy, anger, hatred, pain and greed. Black Magic can also be used to alter or control situations or people.  For this reason, it is considered to be a real spell known to work in favor of your requests. Some people would perceive Black Magic as something evil; blood drinking or cutting the head off some animal. But that is entirely a misconception. While white magic makes use of entities of the day, the powers of Black Magic are derived from the Moon, stars, and entities of the night such as passion, dreams, and winds.

Making Black Magic Spells Work

Black magic becomes effective when a person is passionate about the cause. The more a person is determined the better the results will be. In its intense and powerful form it can make drastic changes to ones situation in life. That is why it is very important to practice such magic with caution.

Casting Black Magic Love Spells

In dealing with Black Magic Love Spells you should know first the four levels of attraction. According to magic experts the levels consist of attraction, lust, love and uncontrollable passion. The way this magic works is when a person emits a certain energy and another reacts to the same energy. A love spell is meant to increase these energies among the couple and instantly increases the desire for each other. Dark magic which is the magic for passion works forcefully thus creating an instant effect.

The way for this to work perfectly, is for one to have a strong faith. One such notable example about black magic’s effect is when a person thinks and dreams about another incessantly. One of my black love spells is done through the use of candles and special evocations for 1 week to bring vibrations and energy of love either for general attraction or for a specific person. The subject of the spell will start feeling a strong attraction in two weeks to a month’s time. As what the name projects, the I call upon my working spirits, to conjure the feelings of love and attraction.

Lust and Sex Magic

Another type of black magic love spell is my powerful lust spell. This is known to be one of the most popular among the black magic spells. The result of the lust spell is for one to be sexually attracted to another. The subject of the spell will start dreaming about the person and erotic sexual scenarios will start to unfold in his mind thus resulting to a highly passionate love making come the day of the meeting. This spell calls upon my most powerful working spirit, the spirit of lust from the Necronomicon or the book of the dead and other Lovecrafts mythos.

Understanding Black Magic

Like all forms of magic, rules apply that these should not be use for any evil, wrong-doing, or harmful means. These types of magic must be used to encourage positive feelings. It is how you perceive magic that sets the difference between good and evil. Black magic is noted to be powerful and can truly give favorable results. It is known to penetrate any barriers or obstacles that might block your thoughts of failure, free-will or any form of negativity. Certain spells are also use to ward off evil that can because you harm. For instance a revenge spell is a form of protection from threats, harm, or ill-doings others may have on you. It is how you appreciate the dark arts that can make this work for your advantage

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