The History of Obeah

The History of Obeah

When trying to use another spiritual path’s practices, it’s always a good idea to learn more about the history.  In Obeah’s varied history, there are a number of facts which will not only give you a better idea as to why they do the things they do, but this history can give you a better appreciation of the culture and of the magical work that they do.  In learning about where something came from, you can see what your place in its practice is.  Obeah isn’t just about love spells and healing the sick.  It is a history of people, of beliefs, and of an understanding of how everything is connected.

The Origins of Obeah

Obeah is thought to have originated in the Africa and West Indies areas.  The meaning of the word is ‘sorcery,’ but its practice is often confused with similar spiritual paths in the area: Voodoo, Santeria, Hoodoo, etc.  The blending of beliefs and practices allows the Obeah practice to become richer for many, as it takes from everything and creates a practice which is diverse and adaptable.  The practice is primary ‘good’ magic, which is helpful to the people and to the situation they are in.  By focusing the magic on the attraction of luck, the person who is practicing the magic will be able to draw good things to themselves without harming others and without causing ill side effects in the process.

How Obeah Has Evolved

The slaves from various parts of Africa were brought to the West Indies and other parts of the Caribbean to work for landowners.  When they were brought to these areas, they brought their spiritual practices with them.  In many of the Obeah practices, the Obeah men would use things like charms and talismans to help a person find what they needed.  Though there were some rumors about ideas of black magic and sorcery, these are not founded in truth.  While some practices might look different than Judeo-Christian paths, the Obeah people practice a spirituality of luck and of bringing goodness into their lives.  The main focuses of the practice of Obeah include the worship of ancestors and the honoring of deities.  In honoring those who control the universe, one may bring good luck to themselves and to their family.  Some might leave offerings with the deities or build altars to them in order to show their respect.

The Conflicts of Obeah

But not everyone believed that Obeah was a good thing to have in the world.  Thus, there were many times when the Christians and other groups of fanatics would try to stop the Obeah from existing.  They were concerned that the Obeah people were bad and that they were trying to harm groups which were not like them.  Though the Obeah people have some practices which might be difficult to understand, they are not evil.  However, violence did break out, which lad to laws that limited the practicing of all spiritualities which involved in the conflicts.  This made many Obeah people take their practices into private, which has led to its seeming disappearance.  In the overall practices, Obeah was the only one which survived the test of time.

Though Obeah may not look today as it did in earlier times, it is still a folk magic which can help modern day people connect to their ancestors and to their true desires.  By learning more about the practice, you can learn how they can help you in all of your dreams.  Obeah is a practice of faith, of truth, and of remembering those who came before.

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