Luck Spell


This spell is for clients who have difficult cases, want fast results, and priority work. This spell comes with a super charged Talisman. This Talisman will be shipped to you via Fedex upon completion of your spell work.


The luck spells are especially designed to bring luck into your path. Once you enact the luck spell, everything that you touch will seem to simply turn to gold. We recommend the luck spell for those people that have big events coming up, such as a college exam, a trip, or a speech. The major benefit of the luck spell is that it not only impacts you in the near future, but it will also help to provide you with good luck for years to come.

Some of the most common uses for the luck spell include:

  • Test preparation
  • Job interview or promotion review
  • Career change
  • Move to a new city or town
  • Meeting the parents of a boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Buying new house

A major benefit of the Luck Spell is that it not only benefits you, but it will also benefit those that come within your aura. When people interact with you, your luck will start to rub off on them. As such, your friends and family members will also see an increase in their luck.

When you have the Luck Spell on your side, you will benefit greatly by knowing that no matter what obstacles you face in life (and you are bound to face some), you will have an advantage – the advantage of good luck! Plus, the luck spell is not limited to one type of good luck. As such, the luck spell can help you in your career, in your personal life, or in any other aspect of your life that you are concerned with.

Order the luck spell today to receive the benefits that come with having exceptionally good luck today, tomorrow, and for life!

Additional information

Force Levels

Effective Force ($900), Ultimate Force ($1500)

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